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It goes without saying that working on short projects like music videos is fun because it enables us to work with creative people of vision.  We value your time and your creativity.  Our team is always excited to work with artists to help materialize the concepts and vision they have in their heads or to hear the song and bring our own ideas to the table. Music video creation is an interactive and collaborative experience, and we do our best to make it as streamlined and stress-free as possible.

We offer full service video production. We will discuss with you your goals and the message you would like to get across to fans, press interests, record executives, radio or tv stations. 

Artist Bios

An Artist Video Bio or Also known as Video Press Kit, or Artist Profile is a video presentation geared for musicians or other performers who wish to have a video demo of their work. Underlab Media Productions speicalizes in working with artists in helping them advance in their promotions.

denver music videos

Music Videos are essential for musicians of all genres to push your music in the current music industry landscape. Artists like Hopsin, Aesop Rock and Lil Dicky give credit to their music videos in helping catapult their career. If you are an artist who just completed an album or mixtape, a music video is a great marketing tool to promote your product.

Underlab Media Productions offers several production options to provide for varying music video budgets. Whether you are an indie music artist, a startup record label or a major music industry exec, we can convert your music into an exhilarating music video that will market your brand. 

We are a team of award winning film/video production professionals that utilize new technologies in picture acquisition, post production services and final delivery, to give you the most for your dollar in music videos.

How We Serve Music Artists:

  • Record studio rehearsals
  • Film club dates
  • Capture top-end performance footage with multi-cam HD set-up
  • (steadicams, jibs, cranes etc)
  • Shoot behind the scenes documentary footage
  • Design animation and computer graphics
  • Cast and choreograph dance routines
  • Write, shoot, and direct storylines drawn from songs
  • Conceptualize and visualize lyrics
  • Deliver broadcast-ready music videos
  • Deliver promo videos for YouTube, cable TV, and local / regional stations

Music Video - John Paul James

Basic Music VideoPackage: $795

1 Day Shoot: Up To 6 Hour Shoot
2 Locations*
2 Man Crew
Max 5 Minute Song
Video Marketing : Set-up and Upload to Facebook and YouTube.

* Location Costs, along with props, additional on camera talent not included.

For More Details on this and other packages: 
Call: 954.815.7935 or GET A QUOTE.

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