Project Highlights

Project Highlights

Bolt Accounting Solutions, inc goal is to help your business succeed by providing timely and efficient financial information. When you have the right information in your hands you are able to make more informed decisions which will ultimately increase your profit, decrease waste and help you focus on what is really important.

SmartWay Cellular is a premier mobile phone consulting firm. We assure you make the right choice of wireless devices and services that fit the need of your business. Our expertise in the latest trends of pricing, devices and apps can save your business money as well as provide a seamless integration to your business needs.


Underlab Studios is a film production group created by the founders of Underlab Media Productions. Underlab Studios has produced countless short films, many award winning, for your entertainment pleasure. Underlab Studios has also documented many up and coming artists and has supported local art and music scenes. 

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Anthony Caliendo has been the Ultimate Sales Assassin Master for over 25 years as a sales and marketing machine, entrepreneur, corporate visionary and sales leadership coach with exceptional sales instincts. Caliendo has discussed his sales strategies on TV and radio, and has been quoted in industry journals including Salesforce, AMA Playbook, Cheese Market News, HealthCare Business Today, In Business Magazine, and PA Realtor's Association. From Wall Street to Mortgage and Real Estate to the Food Industry and the Cigar Business, Caliendo's passion, charisma, and ability to lead and influence has catapulted him to the top of his game.

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Nestled in the cusp of the peaceful Colorado mountains, surrounded by Gunnison National Forest, Quartz Creek Lodge Pitkin, is the ideal location to base your next getaway. Our historical four room Lodge is a step back in time with homespun hospitality that beckons the warmth and feel of yesteryear while still providing all the modern comforts your journey might require.
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PRESENT e-Learning Systems has emerged as the leader in the dynamic field of multimedia online medical education and social networking.  As more and more continuing medical education moves from live venues to the online realm, PRESENT e-Learning Systems has developed many of the enabling technologies to create high quality effective educational programming.

These Works were done by J. Vinazza as an employee for Present e-Learning in Boca Raton, FL

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