Denver Area - Just one look at your packaging tells customers more than any number of marketing words ever could.

Get it wrong, and your product stays on the shelf.

Get it right, and your package design will sell your product for you. Today’s customers expect great products to look great on the outside.

Innovative package design is one way of setting your item apart from others like it.  Visually appealing design is always the best way of telling an instant story of who you are.  Clean, crisp, modern images show that you care about your craft and how you want to present yourself.

Let us help you put together your best package!



Product Packaging Design:

Product Packaging plays a dynamic role in marketing a product. It’s a key factor that makes or breaks a consumer’s choice to grab your product from the shelf. Great package design should be unique, attractive, create a positive effect and introduce assurance in the customer about the quality of the product. Additionally, it should validate the price point and task good value for money.

Essentials for Product Packaging Design:

Branding - Your brand should be easily identifiable so consumers can effortlessly tie the product to your other marketing efforts like Print Ads, Print Materials, and Websites etc.

Conveying the USP - The Unique Selling Point of the product must be conveyed properly from the packaging. Is there a new price? Is there a new feature such as a new flavor (“Sour Apple”), key benefit, (“Anti-Dandruff”), or longevity-“90 days pack”

Eye grabbing design - Your package design needs to have “shelf impact”. It needs to grab consumer attention as they pass the store shelf. It’s always suggested to visit locations where your products are placed avoiding selecting color schemes and designs that look too much like your competitor’s product.

Functionality - Is your packaging functional? Will consumers trash the package upon use? Will the info will be printed directly on the package or labeled? Your answers to these questions help determine the correct dimensions for the packaging and material to be used in designing it.

Readability - Poor readability result in poor sales of the product. Typography should be picked carefully to allow easy communication of necessary info on the package.

Value of the product - Your packaging must imitate the true nature of the product. While a luxury product uses premium packaging, a value priced product will have a more economic design. An Over-dressed commodity product could have a negative impact in perception towards your product or brand.

We can work with you to create a fresh new look that will make your product stand out in the minds of your consumers.

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